Converting Machine

Here introduce our CAR VHB TAPE CONVERTING GAP CUTTING MACHINE for your reference.

Finally gap cutting the products, actually also cut the finally products into sheet.  




Feeding route of each material is as right picture.




If the tape already with liner, we can put the material on the red marked unwind shaft, in this case, no need to use the blue marked shaft.

Please check the similar picture as left one.


In this picture, there are 3 strips tapes on the same line, then can cut 3 rolls tapes at the same time. With this method, will be more productivity.

For VHB tape, also ok for gap cut 2 rolls at the same time. Due to VHB tape is thick, so we can unwind 2 rolls tape on the same shaft.


Here is about peel the adhesive tape from original liner, and cut the tape onto the new liner with gap.

There are 2 sets servo motor, one is for push the tape, one is for pull the new liner.

There are 2 groups rubber roller for push, and 2 groups rubber roller for pull. Make sure accurate feeding.

Angle of red marked board is adjustable. For different tape, the thickness maybe different, need to adjust the angle of the board according to concrete material. Choose the best angle for peeling the tape from original liner.

No. 1 is floating roller, for good tension, so final product can be rewind very good. Like in the picture.

No. 2 is small rubber roller, it is good for press liner with VHB tape. It can press the side of the liner without touch the surface of the VHB tape.

No. 3 is adjustable cylinder. Easier for change the pressure of the rubber roller.

Machine is also ok to work together with roll to sheet cutting machine.

Final product will be in sheets.




Above is our CQT-500 Automatic roll to sheet cutting machine.

We also produce CQT-700, the structure of the machine is as right:

    Customized structure for VHB tape is as left. It is with pre-laminating structure.

    With such pre-laminate structure, for the push servo, we can use 2 pcs small rubber roller to push the side of the liner, without press the thick VHB tape, to get accurate feeding length.

    Top rewind shafts can be used for rewind wastage of the finger lift.


    Add die, for die cut the finger lift. For this operating, need to cover top liner, avoid the tape stick to the blade and the rubber roller.

    CQT-500 & CQ-700 are also ok for add die for die cut special shape.

    Another gap die cutter machine for you reference too.




    For the gap cutting machine, we produce CQT-300, CQT-500, CQT-700, CQT-800, CQT-1300, CQT-1500, CQT-1800.
    Picture of CQT-500, and CQT-700 are as above picture.
    CQT-800 is same structure as that of CQT-700.


    Picture of CQT-1300/1500/1800




    Package of our machine will be inside aluminum foil avoid rusty, outside fumigation wooden box.