Converting Machine

Trepanning Asynchronization Converting Machine

Special design of trepan pin for position fixing.

Digital control system, we can do second or more die cut Metal die and normal die are workable.

Auto oil control system, while run out of oil, machine will alarm.

Adjust the die cut pressure by change values in the touch screen.

And after adjust, we can lock the structure of the board and keep stable die cut pressure.

This asynchronization gap die cutter machine to produce adhesive tape for mobile phone screen frame, roll to sheet cut work .

together with asynchronous transfer laminate, in the case, we can avoid cutting marks in the inner frame, reduce the working process.

And avoid cutting marks. For PET double side adhesive tape the min. joint gap is 0.03mm, for foam tape min. joint is 0.1mm.

For the narrow, long special shape products, we can make a die not bigger than 280*250mm, Asynchronous die cut can save quite a lot material.

For L shape double side adhesive tape, only one cut, in this case, it can save at least 50% material.

Meantime we can add the CCD on this die cutting machine for customers’ requirement.

Max. size of the die cut board330*320mm330*320mm330*320mm
Die cut pressure10 tons10 tons10 tons
Die cut speed≤200 stroke/min≤200 stroke/min≤200 stroke/min
Voltage380V 50Hz 3Phases380V 50Hz 3Phases380V 50Hz 3Phases
Total power4.5KW5.5KW7KW
Max. size of the die cut board440*420mm440*420mm440*420mm
Die cut pressure12 tons12 tons12 tons
Die cut speed≤160 stroke/min≤160 stroke/min≤160 stroke/min
Voltage380V 50Hz 3Phases380V 50Hz 3Phases380V 50Hz 3Phases
Total power6KW8KW9.5KW
Gap die cut L /S/ J shapes, also ok for gap die cut rectangle shape
This structure is normally for produce FPC product or for produce mobile screen tape with joint points
Metal die, wastage of hole move out automatically
After cut, the wastage of holes follow down side.
This die cutting machine can use wooden die, plastic die, etching die, and metal die etc.
The out shape of the product will be follow onto the conveyor belt.
Rewind the die cut wastage on the lower rewind shafts.