Converting Machine

Automatic Roll to Sheet Cuttong Machine

Max. cutting width320mm420mm
Max. cutting speed30-280 cuts/min30-280cuts/min
Cutting precision±0.1mm±0.1mm
Voltage220V 50Hz single phase220V 50Hz single phase
Total power2kw2kw

CQ320 and CQ420 roll to sheet cutting machine can working separately, also can working connect with the gap cutting machine.

Imported PLC and touch screen are used for control the machine. It is easy for operation. Fast cutting speed and high cutting precision. It is only suitable for through sheet cutting (full sheet cutter).

Max. cutting width360mm500mm
Max. cutting speed170 cuts/min170cuts/min
Cutting precision±0.1mm±0.1mm
Voltage380V 50Hz 3phase220V 50Hz single phase
Total power1.5kw2.5kw

Imported PLC and touch screen are used for control the machine. It is easy for operation. Fast cutting speed and high cutting precision.

For CQ360 and CQ500, not only suitable for through cut, but also suitable for kiss cut.

Sensor is optional.

Max. cutting width800mm1300mm
Max. cutting speed80 cuts/min80cuts/min
Cutting precision±0.1mm±0.1mm
Voltage380V 50Hz 3phase380V 50Hz 3phase
Total power5kw5kw

This machine is suitable for cross cutting the roll material. It has features such as computer control, transducer speed regulation, setting length, setting automatic counter etc.
It’s compacted in structure, innovation in designing, and high in automation. It is necessary equipment from roll to sheet.

This kind machine is only for full cut. It can be used for cut thick material.