Converting Machine

Automatic rotary die cutting converting screen tapes

The sceen tapes used for mobile phone, laptop, TV and many other electronic products widely.

We producing flatbed machine, and rotary machine for converting the screen tapes. Here just introduce the rotary die cutter machine for converter the screen tapes. Please check the similar video

We manufacturing the rotary die cutting machine with 3 working stations, 5 working stations, 7 working stations, etc. Just for our customers’ choice.

FIRST PICTURE, is the feeding route of the materials and schematic

Main point: Keep the matt film (white color film in PICTURE 2) narrower than the black double side tape. 

In this case, the wastage of finger lift can be rewind together with the top liner. 


Then die cutter converter the shape of screen tape. (3 PICTURES)

After die cut, remove die cut wastage. Meantime, unwind a narrow tape to remove the wastage of the finger lift area. And also rewind the liner at the same time. 

After rewind the wastage of the top matt liner, then unwind film to remove wastage of the adhesive glue.

To remove the glue wastage, need special tooling without sharp blade, just for pressing the film laminate with the wastage adhesive glue. 

Reference PICTURE 3 and PICTURE 4


After remove the inside tape wastage, then cover top PET release liner.

Peel the product from the bottom liner, rewind them separately.