Converting Machine

A Model Self-adhesive Label Die Cutting Machine

Max. size of the die cut board330*310mm410*460mm
Die cut speed≤300 stroke/min≤180 stroke/min
Voltage380V 50Hz 3Phases380V 50Hz 3Phases
Total power6KW8KW

The frame of machine is iron casting, which makes sure machine is strong enough, and with stable die cutting pressure. 

We have our own CNC center, which makes sure the production of the machine is with high precision. Which makes machine is stable, and with long
lifetime, and also with heavy die cutting pressure.

Closed oil system is used for avoid rusty of the gear box. Most important thing is it can reduce the friction. 

Meanwhile we can get a quiet working surrounding. The gear box adopts no gap fit design, in this case, the lifetime of such kind gear box is double than that of the traditional gear box. And it is helpful to get stable working situation of the whole machine. 

The quality of the whole machine is more reliable. Three working mode: Single die cut, Continuous die cut, Jogging, Easier to operate.
Automatic lubrication system, it can offer oil automatically. It is helpful to improve the die cut speed, 260 cuts/min, such speed is 50% faster than traditional die cutting machine.

Servo transmission is used to instead of traditional clutch structure to control the sheet cutter. It is helpful to get more accurate
cutting under fast die cut speed. And continuous cutting function is helpful to get more lifetime of the cutting parts.

This machine include unwinding equipment, die cutting host and rewinding function.

Machine is with hot stamping function, machine is with sensor
MQ-320A Automatic die cutting machine with hot stamping
Sensor is inside of die cut head