Converting Machine

Adhesive Tape Gap Cutting Machine

TDMQ-1300/1500/1800 Gap Cutting Machine

Cut materials (PVC film, insulation sheet, Mylar, foam, industrial tape, electronic tape etc) from roll to sheet. 

There are gaps between every two products. Avoid tapes to stick with each other. This kind tape cutting machine is most popular for cut VHB tapes. 

The gap cutter can add razor sheeter for cross cutting, meantime it can working with the sheet cutting machine in line.

This machine is suitable for roll material, also ok for gap cut sheet material. But if the material in sheet, need to be feeding by manual.

Machine is ok to add die for gap die cut some special shape. 

Here is another video for cross cut and kiss slit

Max Feeding width500mm700mm1300mm
Max Cutting Speed200 cuts/min160 cuts/min80 cuts/min
Cutting Precision±0.1 mm±0.1 mm±0.1 mm
Voltage220V 50Hz Single Phase380V 50Hz 3 Phases380V 50Hz 3 Phases
Total power9KW5.5KW12KW
CQT700 Gap Cutting Machine
CQT500 Gap Cutting Machine
Gap cut VHB tapes, cutting length can be changed
Can rewinding the finally products and cutting to sheet
Still can change the release liner for the tape at same time
Add die for gap die cut special shape
Small rubber rollers press the side of the bottom liner, without press on the adhesive tape. This structure is good for gap cut VHB tapes.
Customized machine with cross cutting blade
final products can be in roll, also can be in sheets
This structure is for cross cut thin film, or cross cut release paper
Customized gap cutting machine with kiss slit part
final product with finger lift