Converting Machine

Die Cutting Tools - Dies for converting

Type of the die: wooden die, etching die, plastic board die, metal die, caving die, QDC die etc. 

Normal height of the die:Red back ground is the most popular height customers using. 

Etching die:2、2.5、3mm  (According to the thickness of the fixed board, the back board can be 6mm or 20mm etc.)

Caving die:8、23mm    (According to the processing requirement, choose the right height.)

Plastic board die:7、8、10、12mm     

Wooden die:23.6、23.8mm    

Aluminum board die:8mm

Die for sucking hole wastage:23-25mm  (Etching die, caving die can be used for suck hole wastage.)

Metal die:90、115、120mm(According to the die cutting machine, choose relative height.)

QDC die:90、115、120mm(According to the die cutting machine, choose relative height.)

    Shape of the dies blades:

    • Etching die:

    After immersed in the liquid medicine, get the outline of the mold.The rough-cut knife mold is placed in the CNC engraving machine for manufacturing.

    The processing time depends on the length of the knife line.It is generally 1 to 4 hours.

    The etched knife mold has a very high dimensional accuracy, which can generally be maintained at ± 0.03mm, the flatness of the blade is good, the sharpness is normal, and the lifetime isn’t long.

    • Caving die:

    The material of the carving die: hardness is more than 50 degrees, thickness is 8mm steel.

    Characteristic: more durable, long lifetime.Can be re-sharping several times.

    High precision, about ± 0.03mm, not easy deforming, flatness of the blade is good.

    • Plastic board die:

    According to the product shape, use CNC machine to cut the slot on the board.

    The cutting blade is manually / automatically folded into the corresponding shape by the bending machine, and it can be inserted into the slot of the board.

    Generally suitable for die cut label paper products.It has good flatness.Low cost, the thin blade isn’t suitable for punching hard materials.

    • Wooden die:

    According to the product pattern, cut the wood board by CNC machine.

    Manual or auto bend the blade by the bending machine.

    Insert the blade into the board.

    The accuracy is general and the scope of application is wide, such as PET / PC, insulating materials, Copper and aluminum foil, and other general die cutting materials, there are many different type blades, boards for choosing. long life, low production cost and other advantages, compared with the plastic board die, the flatness is slightly worse.

    • Aluminum board die:

    CNC machine cut the slot on the aluminum board.And bend the blade, insert the blade into the slot.

    Good flatness, lower cost, the blade can be changeable, not affect the accuracy etc.Not suitable for die cut thick material.

    • Die for such hole wastage:

    The waste suction die is mainly used for suck wastage of the small holes.The diameter is about 1-10mm.Automatically remove the wastage avoid manual digging.

    Aluminum board with die to about 23mm thickness, cut slot at the relative position, for wastage move out.Compare with normal etching die or caving die, the lifetime is little weak.

    • Metal die:

    It is suitable for punching hard plastics, cardboard, and insulating paper.It was first used for the punching of steel sheets in the hardware industry.It can be installed on a die cutting machine for continuous punching.

    Wastage of the small hole can be automatically separate from the product.

    • QDC die:

    QDC is the English abbreviation for quick die change.

    Install the caving die or etching die into the metal die for cutting and punching holes.You can quickly replace the caving die or etching die and quickly, replace the positioning hole according to different die cutting needs.Making it a common die, with the advantage of normal die and metal die.