Converting Machine

Automatic Laminating Slitting Rewinding Machine

Roll to Roll Slitter Rewinder Machine With Laminating Function

This is a high precision, high sensitivity laminating slitting machine with ultrasonic web guide, magnetic powder brake. 

And clutch is adopted to control the tension. Transducer controls the motor’s speed. 

Cylinder is used to control the rubber roller moves up and down. 

Air shafts are used for unwind material and rewind final products. 

Auto web guide, meter counter is available. 

Laminating and slitting function can work at the same time, also can work separately. 

Machine is with the characteristics such as fast slit speed, high slit precision, easy to operate etc.

FQ-1300/1600 Slitting rewinding machine without laminate
Customized machine with extra shaft for change liner
Max. feeding width650mm1300mm1600mm
Unwind diameter600mm800mm800mm
Rewind diameter450mm450mm450mm
Voltage220V 50Hz single phase380V 50Hz 3 phases380V 50Hz 3 phases
Total power3.2KW8.5KW8.5KW
Standard upper blade, min. 20mm slit width
Customized upper blade, min. 10mm slit width
Razor blade is optional
Moveable lower blade is optional
Automatic loading unwind equipment with
splicing table
Customized structure, with taper constant tension
Taper constant tension and differential rewind shafts
Slit rewind PET film
Unwind 6" material, nylon sleeve is used
Unwind paper